2009年9月3日 星期四

Lessons I learned

It's been a while since I last wrote.

Time flies fast. It's now September 2. In more or less two weeks of time, I will start my first full time job of my life. This summer has been great, I have travelled to a lot of places, seen a lot of stuff, done a lot of things, drink a lot of coke and the list goes on and on.

But what I want to write you all today is about the things I learned in my five months of vacation. You may find gems in this post or after five minute of read, you will find you just read a bunch of crap. For now, I can't decide that for you since I am still writing.

So, here we go. The first thing I learned this summer is that biases are formed in a very dangerous way. Let me tell you why. Before I went to China, I told all my friends that it is a place of danger. Yes! Danger, because you can get tricked by the local, get poisned by drinking their beer, get mugged on the street, get shot by their police, the list goes on and on. So you can imagine the surprise I had when I arrived Shanghai. That place is MODERN. The buildings are well built, the services are not so bad and most part of the city I saw was cleaner than I had expected.

Yes, I know it's not the complete image of Shanghai I am seeing because I was staying at places that the locals (most of them) could never afford. However, it was, for me (a Chinese), a cultural shock! That place is actually live-able! You might laugh at my stupidity in this remark but I seriously wasn't thinking China as a place that one can actually live in! How stupid was I when I told my friend not to work there because they have man-eating species occupying the land (not the exact word but you get the idea).

So the first lesson I learned this summer is that always check your biases before making your judgement.

The second thing I learned this summer is that I am really a lucky person to be born into the family I am in. When I went traveling, I saw a lot of people who don't have the necessity to make a good living or lead a good life. Here I was, traveling to countries and flying to places, still complaining the hell out of me how long each flight is. I should be more thankful to what I have and what I possess. A point in case is when I was buying a book at the Cheng Pin book store in Taiwan. It is the largest chain book store there. So here I was shopping for books.

I love reading. It makes me think about things I don't usually think about. But that is not the point of the story. At the cashier, I was ready to pay for my books. It rang up as $3,000 (TWD) so approximately $100 (CDN). Somehow the cashier looked quite envious of me. So I asked her (I still wonder how good I was at reading people's faces ha ha ha), is it a lot of money I am paying? Then she said yes - She said she makes about $3 (CDN) an hour. She will never be able to actually spend that much on books, even with employee discounts, in a flash of eyes.

I see beggers on the streets. But sometime I get blinded, or I cheat myself into thinking they are just some other beggers who will take the money to buy more drinks. But when I was standing at the bookshop in Taipei, I realize how lucky I was to be able to buy most of the things I want. I never realize buying books can be luxurious to someone else too.

I realize throught the trip that I am ignorant of most of the things that are happening around me. When I graduated University, my parents offerred to pay for my car. My cousin's friend graduated from University, their family asked him to ride two hour bus to work everyday since they can't afford a motorcycle. I complain about the rather humid summer I had in Vancouver, but the people in Taiwan, Shanghai, and even Orlando is living days of 33 degree high. You know, I am really really a lucky guy!

So yeah, those are the two big lessons I leared.

Hope I didn't waste those five minutes of yours. If not, read the post again. You can always learn something - perhaps a lesson on grammar?


2008年9月6日 星期六

我們搬家了 / We Are Moving!


謝謝你們定期的閱讀! 這幾個月來, 我們網站的流量不斷持續的增加. 為了要更周全的提供給你們一個舒適的空間和交流的場地, 我們已經申請了一個自己的網址並將會在未來的五天內將現任網站的文章轉移.

新的網站將會有一番新的氣象. 我們也邀請了兩位喜歡寫作的朋友加入我們的行列. 新的網站預計將會在九月十二號開幕. 網址則會在這兩天在此公佈. 到時候, 還希望各位朋友們捧場支持.

揮毫 & 潑墨

Dear Reader,

Thank you for visiting our website. Your support is what keeps us going. During the past few months, we have seen a consistent rise in web traffic. In order to serve you better and provide you with a better, faster, and personal reading experience, we have recently purchased a domain for Zettai Kantan. We will be moving the current articles to our new domain in the next five days.

We are sure that you will find exciting changes to our website. We have invited two writers to join us upon the opening of our new website. Both of them are very excited to share with you their thoughts and opinions.

So here is what you need to know - our new website will be up and running on September 12, 2008. The new web address will be posted here within these two days, thus, please check back for update.

Once again, thank you for your constant support and we will see you very very soon!

Until then,
揮毫 & 潑墨

2008年9月4日 星期四


第一, 我不需要朝九晚五的在辦公室裡過日子,
不像上班時, 每分每秒都需要集中精神, 不然隨時等著被炒魷魚.
大體上來講, 九月的到來, 還有回學校的日子, 對我而言, 相當滿足.

隨著年齡的增長, 有時候看事情也會趨於成熟.
漸漸的網站的題材可能會從文藝風走去商業, 金融, 還有對社會的看法.

網站的起頭是以中文為底. 讀者們最近也會發現很多文章是用英文寫的.
我相信語言如同心意是可以互相交流的. 我不會特意去限制我的寫作.

網誌寫了三個月了. 我在這裡謝謝大家的支持.

2008年8月28日 星期四


但是光看那些照片上的笑臉就能感受到旅遊的喜悅 -


2008年8月25日 星期一

我的幸福 (2) - 原來妳就站在幸福的門後面

五月二十四號 - 我鼓起了勇氣, 敲了幸福的門

認識她的隔天, 我一睡醒, 就上Facebook.

結果, 真的有耶!
不過, 現在問題來了.
天哪, 我快發瘋了.
左思右想, 我鼓起了勇氣, 加了她.

在我的Mailbox裡, 靜靜的躺著一封她的回信.
她說: "你真的認識你profile上的700多個人嗎?"

那時候的我, 應該看起來像是一個手舞足蹈的熊貓一樣,
原地跳了一圈, 然後仰天大笑.

"不錯不錯, 她丟了一個問題給我, 這樣就有話聊了."

不過我忍住了. 拖到了隔天才回.
因為怕她覺得說這個男生太輕浮了, 油嘴滑舌, 不可靠.
這個辦法不錯, 因為之後我傳給她的訊息, 很快就收到回復了.

至從遇見她的那一天, 我就沒看過她了.
心裡有點緊張, 有點害怕, 有點亂.

就這樣, 我用力的敲了一下幸福的門.
門開了之後我才發現, 原來妳一直站在門的後面等著我.

2008年8月23日 星期六

我的幸福 (1) - 因為妳, 我相信所謂的命中注定

為了慶祝三個月的Anniversary, 我特地寫下了我對妳的感覺.
本文已完成. 在過去長達十天的寫作時間, 我寫下了我們的點點滴滴.
我將以連載的方式, 在未來的五天, 每天刊登一篇. 親愛的, 三個月快樂!


五月二十三號 - 第一次碰到妳, 我的心撲通的跳了一整晚

生日的隔天, 我陪著妹妹去參加她公司的宴會.
那是一家西餐廳. 氣氛很好.
在宴會席上, 因為稍微小遲到的關係,
眼尖的我, 一眼就從人群中看到妳.

"哇, 有美女."
我第一個反應就是搶著坐在妳旁邊. 坐
發現原來妳近看之下, 反而更加地漂亮.
當下有點傻住了. 應該說是被電到一樣.
我裝作不經意的樣子對著妳介紹起我自己. 妳

可惜, 快樂的時光, 往往都過的很快.
晚會的尾聲有如灰姑娘半夜的魔咒一樣, 毫不留情的到來.

不過事情出現了一些轉機. 讓我有了點希望.
我在結束地前半個鐘頭, 成功地要到妳的電話號碼.


就這樣, 我默默的在心裡期許我永遠是那一位坐在妳身旁的人.
就這樣, 幸運之神在我生日的隔天把妳介紹了給我. (待續)


2008年8月22日 星期五

My Audacity of Hope (5) - Job Hunting in the Real World

I have always been a strong believer that GPA is not everything. Sure, it reflects your work ethic and your book smart, however, at the end of the day, it will not get you what you want. Early on in my second year, I have noticed that SFU has an extremly well run co-op program. In fact, about 85% of our business students participate in our co-op program.

I was fascinated with all the jobs that were out on the market. Being a student who concentrated in Finance and Accounting at the time, I was quick to find myself swamped with all the options I have. It was at that time that I met one of the most important mentors I have that made an impact on my career - James Hsieh. Mr. Hsieh was our very own Chartered Accountant (CA) Co-op Coordinator. I first heard about the CA profession in my accounting classes and my first accounting instructor in fact told me that if I ever choose to go into accounting, I should become a CA. So you could imagine that the word "CA" was already rooted in my mind ever since first year.

My very first conversation with Mr. Hsieh was quite embarassing. I walked into his office and introduced myself as someone who wanted to become a CA. The first question that James asked me was "Do you know what a CA do?". I blushed, because I had no clue whatsoever what a CA do. I was attracted to it by all the glorified stories surrounding it that I heard from my peers and teachers. I learned an important lesson out of this which is that one should never choose to go into a profession simply because everyone else is doing it or getting all the hype. I went home and did my research. I learned that Chartered Accountants are not just bean counter, but they are also business advisors. They focus not only on the numbers but also on businesses' operations. I knew instantly that this was for me.

I joined the 2006 SFU CA Co-op Cohort. It was a group of selected students that strive to secure an articling position with the CA firms. I was invited to join by the Co-op Coordinator, Susanna Kan. I had known her during my term serving as President of the Surrey Business Student Association. The group consists of 18 students. All of them are extremly smart and well qualified for the articling positions. Again, I found myself surrounded with incredible individuals. It fueled my desire to succeed.

CA recruit is known for its grueling process. In the Fall, firms would come up on campus and hold networking events that attract hundreds of students who are interested in becoming CA. Armed with the training I have received from the CA Co-op Cohort, I attended every single firm event and learned about the profession in a great detail. The process was long and tiring. There were times when I would go home and think to myself, am I really up for this. However, I never doubt my ability because I know I had worked hard enough on building my experience and academic that would eventually lead me to a position. During this time, James and Susanna provided the most caring support that I could never have asked for more. I ended up with several offers from the Big 4 and medium size firms and signed my offer with KPMG.

Looking back, the CA recruit taught me a lot in a relatively short of time. I understand that networking is not just about going to an event holding martini with one hand and dashing business cards out with another, but it was about building real genuine relationship. The whole key to the whole process is about being confident with the real you rather than figuring out how to change your personal style to adopt to firms' tastes.

Most importantly of all, I learned that one should never be afraid to chase after his drem or try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark, professionals built the Titanic!